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KidStage and TeenStage

KidStage (Grades 3-7)   
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TeenStage (Grades 7-12)   
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Berkeley Playhouse believes that kids and teens have the ability to command their own audiences, so we offer talented students the opportunity to participate in full-scale, youth-only productions of the highest quality. Students will work with some of the best directors, choreographers, and designers in the region and receive ongoing training in acting, voice, and movement during the rehearsal period. For Audition Information for KidStage and TeenStage Programs, click here.

Performers in our KidStage and TeenStage programs are determined by audition only. All students are required to audition including those who have already been in a KidStage or TeenStage production; these auditions are considered a crucial part of the educational process. Students who have auditioned for a MainStage production, but are not accepted to that program, may be invited to participate in a KidStage or TeenStage production.

Please email us at conservatory@berkeleyplayhouse.org for more information.