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Berkeley Playhouse KidStage Presents Disney’s Peter Pan Jr.

A fantastic quest awaits Wendy and her brothers when Peter Pan, the hero of their stories, whisks them away to the magical world of Neverland. After following Peter and his feisty sidekick Tinker Bell past “the second star to the right  and straight on till morning,” they explore the island and Peter’s secret hideout with the rambunctious Lost Boys and leap into high-flying battles with swashbuckling pirates and the infamous Captain Hook! 


With music from and inspired by Disney’s animated classic, “You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly” out the doors of the Julia Morgan Theatre singing “It’s a Pirates Life for Me!

Berkeley Playhouse is proud to present the Northern California Regional Premiere of this pilot show from Disney Theatrical.  Two separate casts bring to life all of the denizens of Neverland.  Join Peter, Wendy, John, Tinkerbell, Capt. Hook, Smee, Tigerlily, the Lost Boys, Mermaids, Fairies, Pirates, Indians and one very prompt crocodile for an adventure of a lifetime.

Jan. 19 – Jan 21, 2013
Jan. 25 – Jan. 27, 2013

Julia Morgan Theatre

Music and Lyrics by Sammy Cahn, Sammy Fain, Michelle Tumes, Xavier Atencio, George Bruns, Jack Lawrence, Frank Churchill, Winston Hibler, Ted Sears, Oliver Wallace and Ray Kelley
Music Adapted & Arranged and Additional Lyrics by Eric Svejcar
Book Adapted by and Additional Lyrics by David Zellnick 

Based on Play Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Directed by Marissa Wolf (Jan. 19-21) & Dan Saski (Jan. 25 – 27)
Choreography by Linnea Snyderman (Jan. 19 – 21) & Laura Marlin (Jan. 25 – 27)
Musical Direction by Rachel Robinson

Run Time: TBA


    1/19: 2PM
1/20: 5PM
1/21: 12PM
1/19: 7PM
1/20: 12PM
1/21: 5PM
1/25: 5PM
1/26: 7PM
1/27: 12PM
1/25: 8PM
1/26 2PM
1/27: 5PM
 Character   Redwood Cast Eucalyptus Cast Scurvy Dogs Cast Bilge Rats Cast
Peter Pan   Aasha Dev Eve Lyford  Bella Coles Becky Isaac
Wendy   Sadie EllisCaleo  Harmonee Ross  Lucy Swinson  Stella Strader
Michael   Olivia Leung-Brown  Jonah Broscow  Ruby Mechanic Chiara Abondolo-Mayo
John    Ezra Gaskin Ani Hadley  Ian Fung Skyler Wilde
Captain Hook   Grace Williams  Anna Pelegrino  Evan Feist Eliza Grown
Tiger Lily    Naomi Kaufman  Julia Prager  Pilar Ballesteros Lucy Barretto
Tinkerbell    Emma Grace  Donya Kashani  Maya Ezekiel Loren Breidenbach
Crocodile   Hazel Ross  Hazel Ross Alex Chicas Alex Chicas
Mrs. Darling    Eve Lyford  Ella Miles-Urdan  Stella Strader Lucy Swinson
Mr. Darling   Jonah Rotenberg  Jonah Rotenberg Skyler Wilde Ian Fung
Nana    Avalon Bruno  Avalon Bruno Chiara Abondolo-Mayo Ruby Mechanic
Silvermist    Kayla Richmond Kayla Richmond Emma Wanon Emma Wanon
Rosetta    Shoshana Fendel  Shoshana Fendel Madi Chicas Madi Chicas
Fawn    Ella Miles-Urdan Ella Miles-Urdan Natalie Hoge Natalie Hoge
Vidia    Sofia Munoz Sofia Munoz Loren Breidenbach Maya Ezekiel
Iridessa    Hannah Cornejo Hannah Cornejo    
Sapphire    Kayla Wong  Kayla Wong     
Colombine    Eve Lyford      
Midnight   Cecily Bartsch       
Aquata    Kayla Richmond Kayla Richmond Madi Chicas Madi Chicas
Adrina    Shoshana Fendel Shoshana Fendel Emma Wanon Emma Wanon
Arista   Ella Miles-Urdan Ella Miles-Urdan Natalie Hoge Natalie Hoge
Atina    Hannah Cornejo Hannah Cornejo Becky Isaac Bella Coles
Allana    Sofia Munoz Sofia Munoz Lucy Barretto Pilar Ballesteros
Adella    Kayla Wong Kayla Wong Loren Breidenbach Maya Ezekiel
Athena   Cecily Bartsch Cecily Bartsch    
Cordelia    Eve Lyford      
THE LOST BOYS          
Cubby   Sophie Eckber Sophie Eckber Avi Sherman Avi Sherman
Foxy   Avalon Bruno Avalon Bruno Ruby Burley Ruby Burley
Skunk     Aasha Dev Tori Vance Tori Vance
Hop   Harmonee Ross Sadie EllisCaleo Erin Schmitz Erin Schmitz
Racoon Twins       Cordelia Kuiper Rauch Cordelia Kuiper Rauch
Smee   Sammi Kane Sammi Kane Alicia Bennett Anna Granados
Jukes   Hazel Ross Hazel Ross Max Lewis Max Lewis
Starkey   Jonah Broscow Olivia Leung- Brown Max Choate Max Choate
Noodler   Ani Hadley Ezra Gaskin Milo Kuiper Rauch Milo Kuiper Rauch
Skylights   Anna Pelegrino Grace Williams Ruby Burley Ruby Burley
Cookson   Donya Kashani Emma Grace Nikko Mechanic Nikko Mechanic
Flint       Avi Sherman Avi Sherman
Murphy       Erin Schmitz Erin Schmitz
Cruncher       Tori Vance Tori Vance
Stinky Bean       Cordelia Kuiper Rauch  Cordelia Kuiper Rauch
Pirate Ensemble       Alex Chicas
Eliza Grown
Anna Granados
Alex Chicas
Eliza Grown
Anna Granados
Chief Tiger Bamboo   Robin
Alex Chicas Alex Chicas
Brave Pine   Jonah Rotenberg Jonah Rotenberg Max Lewis Max Lewis
Brave Oak   Julia Prager Naomi Kaufman Max Choate Max Choate
Brave Shrub   Cecily Bartsch Cecily Bartsch Milo Kuiper Rauch Milo Kuiper Rauch
Brave Redwood       Nikko Mechanic Nikko Mechanic